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Walking Glasgow I’m hoping to do all of them at some point! Thank you.They are great! Thoroughly recommend them Excellent knowledgeable and extremely passionate guide. Just loves sharing with like minded people.


Highly recommended.Just been on Kevin’s Grahamston tour - brilliant! He is a mine of useful information and articulate with it. We’ll be back!


Enjoyed Kevin's tour of Grahamston, which I had only recently heard of despite it being in a central Glasgow location. He is well-researched and I look forward to joining more of his tours!


Fantastic informative walk today on medieval Glasgow. 


Great informative walk today, thank you so much.


Learned loads and the sun shone. X thanks, Kevin!

I’m doing a short course at the Uni of Edinburgh on Scotland and Slavery, so it all fits in with that


Really enjoyed walk today (Grahamston) this was my first one looking forward to many more.


Brilliant walk today (Grahamston ) lots of very interesting facts weather was brisk but sunny great walking weather.


Greatly enjoyed the Victorian Walk last week. Thanks.


Really enjoyed my walk yesterday, told my son all about it, he’s wants to come along too.


Many thanks Kevin, the Buchannan Street 50 was thoroughly enjoyed this morning. The times I've walked up and down the road looking up at those magnificent buildings, wondering what their original purpose was. Thank you for all that interesting information. However, I'll have to do it again sometime as I'll never remember everything! 


Hi Kevin, I would like to sign up for 20th for Buchanan Fifty please enjoyed the tobacco lords tour. 


Very interesting and informative walk yesterday on Grahamston Village. Many thanks Kevin.


Looking forward to Sunday's walk. I was on the walk yesterday for first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll keep an eye on future walks and let you know when I can attend. Thank you for arranging these walks.


Really enjoyed yesterdays walk/talk, interesting and learnt a lot about this city! Definitely planning to join you again in the near future. Thanks for giving up your time for these walks.

Thank you for a brilliant walk this was fantastic... really enjoyed it and look forward to joining you again for more. Well deserved recognition for your brilliant walks Kevin.


Great way to learn about Glasgow when you come. Hopefully I and others from our Ramblers group will be out with yourself again soon. 


Just wanted to say thanks for a great tour earlier on. Thoroughly enjoyed it and it was very informative. 


Thanks for a fun and informative walk on Monday. Really appreciate what you are doing and will definitely be joining again.

JKB- Thanks to Kevin Scott for History of Christmas in Scotland article in Southsider magazine

SS- Thanks Kevin for such an informative walk today, grateful for the learnings!

DMcD- Enjoyed G'ston so much I'd like to come along tomorrow afternoon for Tobacco Lords

BE- Thanks for very interesting informative walk yesterday in Buchanan St

AR- Really enjoyed the tour today. I wanted to sign up my husband and I for your Saturday tour, if that’s okay.

CM- Hi, Kevin, I thoroughly enjoyed today's tour. Is there availability left for Friday's Buchanan St tour

CMcA- Just wanted to say thanks for a great tour earlier on. Thoroughly enjoyed it and it was very informative.

CMcS- I think your site is fabulous and would have loved to join you,. I wish you well-much love and happiness for the future.

RF- Thanks for a really interesting walk, Keira and I really enjoyed ourselves! We’ll come for another walk soon!

JC- Need to try get on one of your walks, they all look very interesting

MP- Great programme 

HMcC- It was really very interesting to hear you talk about Grahamston and your personal connection to it.

It's fantastic that you're so knowledgeable about Glasgow and are willing to give up so much of your own time.

Thanks so much.

BE- Thank YOU for most interesting talk about Grahamston

TL- Thanks for the fascinating walk this morning. Learnt a lot.

CR- I attended your Grahamston walk in the summer and found it fascinating.

KG- Fantastic tours around the city. Kevin has a wealth of information about the history of Glasgow and is clearly someone that enjoys spending time telling about its stories to others. Looking forward to joining in the next tours. Thank you!

HG- Thx so much for a great walk today Kevin. You’re so kind to give your time and knowledge 

PN- Yet another excellent Free walk with Kevin on the buildings of Buchanan St.Folks , we need to get supporting this endeavour. Who’s up for getting together for one of his walks..

WW- Excellent Buchanan 50 walk today. Fascinating #alwayslookup. Thank you

GMcK- Thoroughly enjoyed Medieval walk today. Many thanks, Kevin!

EM- These are great and nearer the time they might fit in with your plans. Kevin is a great guide

SM- Fab day today. So much information. Highly recommended 

DR- Brilliant today as always Kev see you all soon 

PB- Can’t wait to move back up to Glasgow to join your walks x

PS- Spent Wednesday with Kevin and a few others doing Grahamston-Glw's forgotten village 1-2pm....absolutely loved every moment ...Kevins enthusiasm is contagious, I will be back for more !

MA- Can’t thank you enough Kevin for such a fabulous tour today🤩.

L- Hi Kevin I've recently enjoyed one of your walks about Grahamston and want to join your WhatsApp group

R- Hi, it is Ray haha! I had a great time, thanks very much indeed, we’ll be back!

RM- Walking Glasgow thank you so much wonderful informative walk

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