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Another Grahamston photograph found

Okay-fellow Grahamston addicts out there, that Forgotten Glasgow Village that disappeared when Caledonian Railways extended their 'Central Station. A huge thanks goes out to Mitch Brooklynfor unearthing only the 3rd known photograph of this old, long-vanished, village.Pint of Grahamston Ale in the Radisson Blu awaits you Mitch. Just name the day. Kevin.

Mitch Brooklyn

11m ·

I found this rare gem of a photo yesterday, showing Argyle Street with Central Station in its early years Walking Glasgow this may be of interest to you as you shared a similar fascinating photo recently of Central Station under construction, destroying our beloved Grahamston  ... to me this looks too different today, the entire left section is two places I never frequent, a weatherspoons and a hotel. To the right is the Radisson now, so is this Street that goes to the right in this photo a non existent street now under Radisson Hotel?

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