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Jocelyn-good or bad?

With Storm Jocelyn  battering the city, it's worth remembering that this isn't the first Jocelyn to barrel into Glasgow. That honour goes to Bishop Jocelyn, who, in 1174, was confirmed as the fourth Bishop of Glasgow.

At some point between the years 1175 and 1178, Jocelyn obtained from King William the Lion a grant of burghal status for the emerging settlement of Glasgow, with a market every Thursday. The grant of a market was the first ever official grant of a weekly market to a burgh. Moreover, between 1189 and 1195, King William granted the burgh an annual fair, today's Glasgow Fair holiday, increasing Glasgow's status as an important settlement. As well as new revenues for the bishop, the rights entailed by Glasgow's new burghal status and market privileges brought new people and new traders and businesses to the settlement.

The new settlement was laid out around Glasgow Cross, down the hill from the cathedral and old fort of Glasgow, but above the flood level of the River Clyde.

Today, Jocelyn is remembered by Jocelyn Square, outside the High Court, which used to be called Gaol/Jail Square.

Pic: The official seal of Bishop Jocelyn

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